Research Group: Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Research Group investigates sexually transmitted infections, reproductive tract infections, sexuality, sexual behaviour and practices, and contraception. We are involved in studies about the aetiology, epidemiology, prevention and control, diagnosis, and social and cultural aspects of these topics in Switzerland, Europe, and internationally.

Group leader

Group members

External collaborators

Checkpoint Zürich, Switzerland
(Dr. Barbara Bertisch)

Dutch National Institute of Public Health, The Netherlands
(Prof. Mirjam Kretzschmar, Dr. Janneke Heijne, Dr. Hans Bogaards)

Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales, Australia
(Prof. David Regan)

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
(Dr. Anne Spaar, Dr. Mark Witschi)

University College London, UK
(Dr. Catherine Mercer, Dr. Pam Sonnenberg)

University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
(Prof. Jane Hocking)

World Health Organization
(Dr. Nathalie Broutet)

Journal club on infectious diseases

Dates: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month (there are some exceptions, see list
Time & place: 12:30 – 13:30, Seminar Room (Room 606, Finkenhubelweg 11, Bern)
Goal: To promote interesting and informative discussions of recent papers covering the fields of modelling, epidemiology, biostatistics or public health research, with a focus on infectious diseases.
Presenters: please see the list in the corresponding flyer on the Courses for PhD students page

Ongoing projects

  • Trends in the use of diagnostic test modalities for Neisseria gonorrhoeae detection in Switzerland
    (Million Abraha, Dianne Egli-Gany, Nicola Low)
  • Zika virus: causality, open science and risks of emerging infectious diseases
    (Million Abraha, Michel Counotte, Dianne Egli-Gany, Nicola Low, Phi Hung Nguyen, Maurane Riesen, Jingying Wang)
    Related publications:
  • Epidemiology and Mathematical Modelling for Infection Control (EpideMMIC)
    (Christian Althaus, Nicola Low, Joost Smid, Dominique Cadosch)
    Related publication:
  • Chlamydia Rapid Test project
    (Nicola Low)
  • Cochrane Collaboration Sexually Transmitted Infections Review Group: Partner notification strategies for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV
    (Nicola Low, Shelagh Redmond)
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate and effective public policy responses for improving the sexual health of migrants and refugees
    (Dianne Egli-Gany, Nicola Low)
  • Improving neonatal and infant outcomes using point-of-care tests for sexually transmitted infections in high prevalence settings
    (Dianne Egli-Gany, Nicola Low)
  • The influence of case management on the burden of antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea: patient and provider perspectives
    (Million Abraha, Nicola Low)
  • LUSTRUM: Limiting Undetected Sexually Transmitted infections to RedUce Morbidity
    (Nicola Low, Christian Althaus)
  • Individual patient data meta-analysis of sexually transmitted infection epidemiology in sub Saharan African women
    (Nicola Low)


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Completed projects