ISPM is responsible for the training of medical students in the fields of social and preventive medicine, epidemiology and evidence-based medicine. It offers courses at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Prof. Matthias Egger teaching
Prof. Matthias Egger (Image by Janosch Abel)

ISPM lecturers and courses

Last name First name Lectures/Contact
Abel Thomas Lectures
Aebi Christoph
Althaus Christian Lectures
Barben Jürg Lectures
Bender Nicole Lectures
Bochud Yves Lectures
Bohlius Julia Lectures
Bosshard Christoph Lectures
Chiolero Arnaud Lectures
Clough-Gorr Kerri Lectures
Da Costa Bruno Lectures
Deflorin Otmar Lectures
Egger Matthias Lectures
Fenner Lukas Lectures
Furrer Hansjakob Lectures
Haas Andreas Lectures
Hasler Rebecca Lectures
Hatz Christoph Lectures
Heg Dik Lectures
Iff Samuel Lectures
Kacina Lucia Lectures
Kopp Doris Lectures
Kühni Claudia Lectures
Low Nicola Lectures
Ludwig Christian Lectures
Marschall Jonas Lectures
Minder Beatrice Lectures
Mugglin Catrina Lectures
Neuner-Jehle Stefan Lectures
Pletscher Claudia Lectures
Reichenbach Stephan Lectures
Rohner Eliane Lectures
Rutjes Anne Lectures
Salanti Georgia Lectures
Spörri Adrian Lectures
Spycher Ben Lectures
Stettler Christoph Lectures
Schwappach David Lectures
Trelle Sven Lectures
Wandeler Gilles Lectures
Zwahlen Marcel Lectures