Awards for best publication and best presentation at the Swiss Pulmonology Congress 2022

Eva Pedersen and Yin Ting Lam

12.04.2022 – Eva Pedersen received the award “Best publication by a young researcher” from the Swiss Lung Association and Yin Ting Lam was awarded the prize for the best presentation from the Swiss Society of Paediatric Pulmonology.

The Swiss Lung Association awards early career researchers for the best published paper in the field of clinical and respiratory research, as well as epidemiology, diagnosis, disease management and translational research. Eva Pedersen won this prize for her publication “Reported Symptoms Differentiate Diagnoses in Children with Exercise-Induced Respiratory Problems: Findings from the Swiss Paediatric Airway Cohort (SPAC)”, which was published in JACI in practice, 2021. She used data from 1109 children and found that exercise-induced symptoms reported by parents and information about their onset, triggers, and effects of treatment help differentiate diagnoses in children with exercise-induced respiratory problems. These results emphasise the importance of taking detailed symptom histories of children with exercise-induced problems.

The Swiss Society of Paediatric Pulmonology rewards individuals who presented scientific contributions at the Swiss Pulmonology Congress. Yin Ting Lam gave a talk on “Sinonasal features in patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia - an EPIC-PCD study” and received the prize for the best presentation. The EPIC-PCD study is the first prospective, multi-centre international study on the understudied area of ear-nose-throat (ENT) symptoms in primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD). Yin Ting Lam presented first results on standardised sinonasal symptoms and ENT examination findings of 208 patients with PCD. The results showed that ENT symptoms and pathological ENT examination findings progress with age, underlining the importance of ENT management in multidisciplinary care of patients with PCD.