An ISPM PhD candidate has again won the prize for best oral presentation at the annual congress of the Swiss Society of Paediatrics

Sven Strebel

21.06.2021 – Sven Strebel, like Carmen de Jong and Eva Pedersen previously, won the prize awarded in the SwissPedNet session for Translational and Clinical Research in Paediatrics with his presentation “Prevalence and Clinical Risk Factors of Severe Hearing Loss in Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivors.”

Children treated for cancer may suffer irreversible hearing loss due to chemotherapy, radiation to the head, or surgery involving the auditory system. Hearing loss can have long-term impact on a child's social integration, school performance, and quality of life. In our population-based study, we used clinical data from 304 childhood cancer survivors who were treated with hearing-damaging chemotherapy between 1990 and 2014. We observed that one in four childhood cancer survivors suffered from severe hearing loss after cancer treatment. Close monitoring of hearing function before, during, and after treatment is essential to detect hearing loss as early as possible and lower its burden on the lives of affected childhood cancer survivors.

This study was funded by the CANSEARCH Foundation and the Swiss Cancer League.