• Nutritional epidemiology
  • Public health nutrition
  • Health promotion
  • Dietary assessment methods
  • Social inequalities in diet and food insecurity

I have been working for 13 years in the fields of nutritional epidemiology and public health nutrition. My PhD thesis focused mainly on the analysis of the first Swiss Nutrition Survey (menuCH) data to inform the government about the dietary habits of the Swiss people. After my PhD, I continued with a postdoctoral mobility fellowship at the Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. My research compared temporal trends of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among adolescents in 35 European countries to understand the potential the effects of taxing these beverages.

Currently, my research at the Lifestyle and Behaviour Unit with Prof. Oscar Franco focuses on the impact of non-caloric sweeteners on the gut microbiota and glucose homeostasis (SNSF-funded project). A clinical trial is underway in Iran. In parallel, I work as an assistant professor at the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of the School of Health Sciences in Geneva, where I teach nutritional epidemiology and participate in research projects.