Research Group: Cardiometabolic Research

Our areas of expertise

Our research group puts into practice the epidemiologic principles into the clinical environment, aiming at developing better prevention and detection tools for cardiometabolic diseases. Our research is focused on understanding the role of risk factors and mechanisms underlying the development and prognosis of cardiometabolic diseases. A focal point is on the role of diet and endocrine system, including reproductive factors, thyroid metabolism, and glucose homeostasis, in the aetiology and prognosis of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. To understand the pathophysiology of cardiometabolic diseases, we investigate the function of omics, including, genetic, epigenetic, and metabolomic pathways underlying these diseases. This may lead to the discovery of new biomarkers and pathways for prediction, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases.

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Group members

Adjunct Researchers

Adjunct Professors

  • Diet, reproductive aging and cardiovascular risk in women
  • Iron-estrogen hypothesis in explaining sex differences in cardiovascular disease
  • Implications of diabetes and thyroid function on cardiovascular health
  • Cardiometabolic diseases following spinal cord injury
  • Genetic variants and unmask diseases pathways in peripheral artery disease
  • Risk factors and care in heart failure of different etiologies
  • Nutrient and phytochemical composition of Black Radish, Buckwheat, Turnip, Swiss Chard and Oat and their impact on cardiometabolic health