Research Group: Community Health and Health Care Systems

Located in the paradigm of participatory health research, the group applies social sciences theories and methods to study the contextual conditions of health, health behaviors, and health care in and with communities. The group focusses on (a) social and structural determinants of health, health disparities, and vulnerable populations in community health, (b) innovative approaches to knowledge translation and co-creation of knowledge and interventions in health(care)systems, and (c) healthy environments, including community and policy interventions for health-promoting resilient and active cities.

Group leaders

Group members

  • Physical activity promotion in long-term care facilities
  • Participatory health research for and in the Healthy Region Erlangen-Höchstadt
  • KTI at ISPM
  • Development of a research protocol and implementation strategy within the WHO special initiative on urban governance for health, wellbeing, and equity