Continuing education

ISPM Bern provides a wide range of postgraduate education to train students to become excellent public health researchers and to work as public health specialists.

Education leading to a PhD title is offered through ISPM and the two graduate schools Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences and Graduate School for Health Sciences as well as through the interuniversity SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus, a joint initiative of 12 Swiss Universities, including the University of Bern.

The Interuniversity Public Health Education offered in Bern, Basel and Zürich leads to one of three diplomas – MPH, DAS or CAS.

Further certificates of advanced studies are designed for researchers and physicians: CAS in Clinical Research in Health Care OrganisationsCAS in Managing Medicine in Health Care Organisations and  CAS in Leadership in Health Care Organisations. The three CAS can lead to a Master of Advanced Studies in Leading Learning Health Care Organisations, two CAS to a DAS in Leading Learning Health Care Organiations.

On behalf of the Department of Visceral Surgery and Medicine, Inselspital Bern, the ISPM is also responsible for the study management of the CAS Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine.

Public health researchers can combine advanced learning with professional networking at the Swiss Epidemiology Winter School, held each January in the ski resort Wengen.

For physicians, there is the option to earn the professional title Medical Specialist in Prevention and Public Health through individualized portfolio-based learning.

People with various backgrounds can expand their knowledge of public health topics by attending ISPM’s Seminars, held monthly from January to December and featuring presentations by national and international experts.