The Bern Lectures in Health Science

Beyond green branding: Planning climate responsive cities for all

Thursday, 2022/10/13, 16:00

Prof. Isabelle Anguelovski

As cities are responding to climate impacts through many green interventions, few end up prioritizing equity and justice in their planning and policy approaches. Green branding is indeed much at the center of climate responsive interventions rather than truly equity-driven strategies. As a result, historically marginalized groups are facing a multiplicity of negative environmental, health, social impacts, including climate gentrification. In this talk, I dissect the climate justice needs and vulnerabilities that cities in North American and Europe are facing, the experienced and perceived tradeoffs between greening and justice, and discuss promising progressive approaches that can lead to more just, healthy, and climate responsive cities.

Event organizer: ISPM Bern
Speaker: Prof. Isabelle Anguelovski (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Date: 2022/10/13
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Locality: Room 216 and online on zoom
Mittelstrasse 43
3012 Bern
Characteristics: open to the public
free of charge

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