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Learnings from the urban health intervention Levelling the Playing Fields

Speaker: Katherine Fröhlich – Date: 15.12.2022

Opportunities for Advancing Research on Sustainability within Implementation Science

Speaker: Rachel C. Shelton – Date: 07.11.2022

Attributing heat related mortality to climate change: A source of scientific evidence for climate lawsuits

Speaker: Rupert Stuart Smith – Date: 26.10.2022

Beyond green branding Planning climate responsive cities for all

Speaker: Isabelle Anguelovski – Date: 13.10.2022

Innovations and Needed Improvements in Research Ideas in 3 Acts

Speaker: Harlan Krumholz – Date: 07.09.2022 

Special Talk «Causal reasoning in settings with competing events and truncation by death»

Speaker: Mats Stensrud – Date: 30.06.2022

Research Improvement Strategies to reduce waste, increase value and transform the experience of being a researcher

Speaker: Malcom McLeod – Date: 12.05.2022

Participatory approaches in epidemiological research: Theoretical reflections and practical experience

Speaker: Claudia Santos-Hövener – Date: 21.04.2022

From Real-World Data to Real-World Evidence - Some consideration for practitioners

Speaker: Prof. Sebastian Schneeweiss – Date: 17.03.2022

Participatory Research - Gain Trust, Gain Equity, Trust Qualitative Design

Speaker: Dr. Diana Schow – Date: 27.01.2022