PhD dissertations

The ISPM research groups regularly offer a variety of options for dissertation projects and advise numerous PhD students.

For more information about PhD programmes and courses for PhD students see PhD Programmes.


Ongoing PhD dissertations

Name Title
Counotte Michel tba Low Nicola
De Jong Carmen Phenotypes of asthma Kühni Claudia
Dupont Carole Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Kühni Claudia
Folly Christophe Ionising radiation and childhood cancer Spycher Ben
Gonzalez Valentina Palliative care Franco Oscar
Halbeisen Florian Lung function in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Kühni Claudia
Hauser Anthony Mathematical model for the spread of drug resistant strains of HIV in resource-limited settings Egger Matthias / Kouyos Roger
Hilfiker Roger Determinants of disability in patients with lower limb osteoarthritis Reichenbach Stephan
Konstantinoudis Akis Garyfallos Spatial analysis of leukaemia cases in Switzerland and the identification of possible spatial clusters Spycher Ben
Mazzei Antonella Ionising radiation and childhood cancer Spycher Ben
Mozun Rebeca Epidemiology of childhood asthma: prevalence, clinical presentations and risk factors Kühni Claudia
Mugglin Catrina Access to treatment and treatment outcomes among elderly HIV-infected patients in Malawi Keiser Olivia
Otth Maria Pulmonary Dysfunction after childhood cancer Kühni Claudia
Pedersen Eva Predicting asthma in children Claudia Kühni
Riesen Maurane A mathematical modelling study about the impact of HPV-vaccination Althaus Christian

Rüegg Rene

Relations between health literacy and health outcomes in multifactorial models Thomas Abel
Schindera Christina Cardiotoxic late effects in childhood cancer survivors Kühni Claudia
Taghavi Katayoun Methods for improving cervical screening in low- and middle-income countries Bohlius Julia
Verhoog Sanne Physical activity, sleep and healthy ageing Franco Oscar
Waespe Nicolas Germline DNA project in Swiss Childhood Cancers Kühni Claudia
Wisse Agatha Epidemiology of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Kühni Claudia
Wyss Natascha Regional patterns of HIV-related cancer Bohlius Julia

Completed PhD dissertations