Swiss National Cohort

Group leaders: Dr. Adrian Spörri-Fahrni, Prof. Dr. Marcel Zwahlen

The Swiss National Cohort SNC ( is a multipurpose research platform and a longitudinal study of the whole resident Swiss population. The core of the cohortis the linkage of individual records of the 1990 census with records of the 2000 census. Additionally records were linked to either an emigration or death record. Currently the SNC has a follow-up from 1991 up to the end of 2008. The SNC is funded by the SNF.

The Swiss National Cohort SNC has two main aims:

  1. to provide a multipurpose research platform for interested researcher
  2. to conduct projects in the area of social, spatial and environmental epidemiology

Group members

External collaborator:

  • Fabio Valeri
  • Matthias Bopp, Zürich
  • Felix Gutzwiller, Zürich
  • Nino Künzli, Basel
  • Michel Oris, Geneve
  • Fred Paccaud, Lausanne

Neighbourhood index of socio–economic position and its association with mortality

Radoslav Panczak

Bias due to unlinked deaths and changes in International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

Kurt Schmidlin

Cancer a disease of aging Part 1: Trends in older adult cancer mortality in Switzerland 1991 – 2008 results from the Swiss National Cohort (SNC)

Kerri Clough-Gorr

Health and Lifestyle Factors Associated with Cancer Mortality in Older Adults in Switzerland

Kerri Clough-Gorr

Homicide - suicide events in Swiss households between 1991 and 2007

Marcel Zwahlen

Gini and mortality - The Swiss paradox

Adrian Spoerri

Durkheim revisited: A multi-level analysis of religion and suicide in Switzerland

Adrian Spoerri

Please find the publication list on the SNC website: SNC publications