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Portrait article about Matthias Egger in journal «The Lancet. Infectious diseases.»

14.03.2019 - A portrait article about Matthias Egger was published in the March issue of the journal «The Lancet. Infectious diseases.». In the same issue, the publication «Drug susceptibility testing and mortality in patients treated for tuberculosis in high-burden countries: a multicentre cohort study» was also published. Continue reading

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Faster and trustworthy guidelines for shared decision making: Experience from the BMJ Rapid Recommendations - Seminar by Dr. Thomas Agoritsas, 21.02.2019 Watch the pocast

CAS Clinical Research

CAS in Clinical Research in Health Care Organisations – application deadline

One month left to sign up for the next course of advanced studies in clinical research – application deadline March 15, 2019. Continue Reading

Drug-resistant tuberculosis: high mortality rate due to inaccurate tests

Inaccurate tests carried out on tuberculosis patients in developing countries often fail to reliablydetect resistance to drugs, leading to incorrect treatment and a higher mortality rate. These are the results of study by an international group of researchers led by a team at the University of Bern published today. Continue Reading

Trends in influenza vaccination uptake in Switzerland: Swiss Health Survey 2007 and 2012

It’s influenza (flu) season again in Switzerland, and this week the virus reached the epidemic threshold. Flu takes more lives than any other infectious disease in Europe, but a simple and effective yearly vaccine can reduce the chance you will catch it. Unfortunately, fewer people overall, and especially fewer elderly people, are opting to be vaccinated for seasonal flu. Continue Reading


10th Swiss Epidemiology Winter School started

The 10th Swiss Epidemiology Winter School takes place during this week in Wengen from January 21st to 26th 2019. Read more