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SSPH+ Global PhD Program in Public Health Sciences (GlobalP3HS)

Doctoral fellowships in public health sciences available for talented students from all over the world: first call will be launched on July 2, 2018. Continue reading

Young people in leisure time

ISPM assessment tool ready to be used in China

An assessment tool to measure health literacy in youth populations that was developed by Thomas Abel and his ISPM colleagues (HLAT-8) has been translated into Chinese (c-HLAT-8). Continue reading

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The ISPM is moving

The ISPM is finally moving to the newly renovated University building located at Mittelstrasse 43. Continue reading

Thomas Abel

News from the teaching office

Thomas Abel has been selected as «Teacher of 2017» in the three University MPH program and an ISPM digital learning project has been selected for development. Continue reading

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New ΙSPM research project funded by SNF

What works best? SNF funds the Research Synthesis Methods Group to develop advanced methods for ranking medical treatments (RaT) Continue reading

New Research Group on Migration and Health

Migration is a growing challenge and concern in our modern societies, especially if we consider public health related issues. In order to better coordinate on-going activities and to develop new projects, the ISPM is setting up a new Research Group on Migration and Health. Continue reading

Workshop: Natural background radiation and cancer risks in children

This scientific workshop will bring together researchers in the field and interested parties from around the world to discuss how epidemiological studies of exposure to background radiation and risk of childhood cancer can improve our understanding of the effects of low-dose ionising radiation. Continue reading

Mazvita Sengayi

Interview with Mazvita Sengayi at the CROI in Boston

IeDEA researcher Mazvita Sengayi (National Cancer Registry, National Health Laboratory Service, South Africa) was interviewed at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Boston. Continue reading


ISPM supports position statement against Federal Act on Tobacco Products

The ISPM decided to support this initiative of SSPH+ concerning the Tobacco Products Act Consultation 2018. We encourage all of you to send in a personal rejection. Continue reading

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ESTHER Switzerland News

New Swiss projects and a new ESTHER Global Alliance web page. Continue reading

Network meta-analysis course in Kea island Greece

We are happy to announce that registration for our network meta-analysis course in Kea April 28th – 30th is now open. Continue reading

ISPM's new director

ISPM announces the appointment of its new director, Oscar H. Franco.
Continue reading

Enrolment for new CAS in Clinical Research is open

We are happy to announce that enrolment for our new CAS in Clinical Research is now open!

The first cohort will start April 26, 2018. Continue reading

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Think before you submit

Column by ISPM Director Matthias Egger in the December 2017 issue of Horizon. Continue reading