About us

Welcome to the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM)

"In this institute for the last 50 years thousands of colleagues, scientists, clinicians have joined their dreams to make a change. We want to help all to be healthy, stay healthy and recover health. We want to prevent disease, discomfort, disability, death and we do this amongst all: children, women, men, elderly. Here at ISPM with colleagues from 23 nationalities we are committed to global excellence and innovation through local impact. While many scientists have their labs between buildings surrounded by test tubes, our building, our lab is out there in the streets because our research concerns everyone everywhere. Our institute is a scientific and academic organisation and as such is a large incubator of ideas and carreers of the next generation of scientists that share the passion of the old dream that health is our right, that health is tangible and that health is for all."

Prof. Dr. Oscar H. Franco, Director