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Ageing will amplify health impacts of climate change, study finds

12.04.2024 – Together with researchers from Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) and the Multi-Country Multi-City Collaborative (MCC) Research Network, the team led by Prof. Ana Maria Vicedo-Cabrera recently published a new study about the impact of population aging on future temperature-related mortality. Continue reading

Registration is now open for the Public Health Sciences Course Program

22.03.2024 – The structured course program in the Public Health Sciences (PHS) aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of Public Health and develop competencies in key research methods and applications. Continue reading

Poster presentation award at the 2024 PCD On The Move Conference

Myrofora Goutaki received the prize for the Best Clinical Research Poster presentation at the 2024 primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD)

06.02.2024 – Myrofora Goutaki received the prize for the Best Clinical Research Poster presentation at the 2024 primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) On The Move Conference organised by the PCD Foundation for the Living with PCD study. Continue reading

SNF postdoc mobility grant awarded to Maria Christina Mallet

18.12.2023 – Maria Christina Mallet, a postdoctoral researcher in the Child and Adolescent Health group led by Professor Claudia Kühni, received an SNF postdoc mobility grant for two years. Continue reading

Aziz Mert Ipekci won the Prize for Best Poster at the 15th Symposium GHS

01.12.2023 – Aziz Mert Ipekci, won the Prize for Best Poster,  using the "better poster" design, at the 15th Symposium GHS held at Studienzentrum Gerzensee on 22nd and 23rd November 2023. Aziz Mert is a PhD student in the Sexual and Reproductive Health group. Continue reading

Patient empowerment through education and involvement in research: international patient conference on Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

29.11.2023 – More than 300 people registered at the annual international patient conference on primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), which was co-organised by clinicians, researchers and PCD support groups worldwide. Continue reading

New study: Obesity after childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia in North America and Switzerland

28.11.2023 – Together with researchers from the North American the Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (SCCSS) team led by Claudia Kuehni recently published a new study about obesity and its risk factors in childhood cancer survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Continue reading

Oral presentation prize at the Kinderklinik Research Day 2023

24.11.2023 – Lorenz Leuenberger received the prize for the best oral presentation on clinical research at the Kinderklinik Research Day 2023 organised by the Kinderklinik of the University hospital Bern. Continue reading

Expect the unexpected: Live seminar, 30. Nov 2023, 16:00-17:00

Expect the unexpected: new findings about sexually transmitted infections in pregnancy from Papua New Guinea and East Africa symbolic picture

20.11.2023 – Should we prioritize screening and treatment for multiple sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during pregnancy to prevent poor birth outcomes? Hear new findings from WANTAIM, a randomised controlled trial in Papua New Guinea, trial results from Eastern and Southern Africa and qualitative research findings from Papua New Guinea and Zambia. Continue reading

Stakeholder workshop on the effect of heat on human health

20.11.2023 – In October 2023, we held a first stakeholder workshop within the NCCS-Impacts-Health project. The event was a full success, where more than 30 participants had a lively exchange about the proposed research approach and communication products that will eventually help build a more climate-resilient population in Switzerland. Continue reading

Zukunftstag 2023 at ISPM Bern

20.11.2023 – Together with numerous universities, organisations and companies nationwide, ISPM Bern hosted schoolchildren to give them an insight in epidemiology and research on November 9th 2023. Continue reading

New Publications on Urban Governance For Health and Well-Being

13.09.2023 – An ISPM-based team led by Annika Frahsa supported the WHO Special Initiative on Urban Governance for Health and Well-being through civic engagement and multisectoral coordination in 2021-2023. Two WHO reports from this collaboration are now online. Continue reading

Interactions that hurt: Psychological harm as patient safety concern in advanced cancer care

18.08.2023 – Prof. Dr. David Schwappach and Prof. Dr. Sofia Zambrano from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) received a competitive three-year grant from Swiss Cancer Research to strengthen our knowledge on preventable psychological harm in cancer care. Continue reading

New study attributing heat deaths to climate change in Summer 2022

11.07.2023 – Together with researchers from ETH Zurich, the Swiss TPH and the University of Basel, the team led by Ana Maria Vicedo-Cabrera recently published a new study about the contribution of man-made climate change on deaths due to heat in the summer of 2022 in Switzerland. It is one of the first studies worldwide to quantify the share of global warming in heat-related deaths. Continue reading

Oral presentation award at the 2023 Swiss Pulmonology Conference

27.06.2023 – Yin Ting Lam received the 2nd prize for the Best Oral presentation on Paediatric Pneumonology Free Communications at the 2023 joint annual meeting of the Swiss Societies of Pulmonology and Cardiology in Basel. Continue reading

Guido Fanconi Award for Prof. Claudia Kuehni

21.06.2023 – Prof. Dr. med. Claudia Kuehni, Leader of the Paediatric Epidemiology Research Group at the ISPM Bern, was awarded the Guido Fanconi memorial price 2023. Continue reading

SNF postdoc mobility grants for Eva Pedersen and Cristina Ardura-Garcia

21.06.2023 – Two postdoc researchers from the paediatric respiratory epidemiology research group in the ISPM received an SNF postdoc mobility grant. Eva Pedersen will pursue a project to explore and adjust for unmeasured confounding, based on the example of the relationship between radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and neuropsychological outcomes among children. Cristina Ardura-Garcia will work in a project on antimicrobial resistance in children in Cambodia with special focus on colonisation in the nasopharynx and gastrointestinal tract. Continue reading

ISPM Researchers at EIE2023 in Basel

20.06.2023 – Two researchers from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) – Dr. Harvy Joy Liwanag (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) and Ms. Sophie Meyer (PhD Candidate) – actively engaged and delivered presentations during the European Implementation Event 2023 (EIE2023), a major gathering of stakeholders in the field of implementation science held in Basel from 8-9 June. Continue reading

A living evidence resource for research prioritisation in mental health

09.06.2023 – Prof Georgia Salanti, Dr Virginia Chiocchia and Thomy Tonia are part of a new international collaboration called Global Alliance for Living Evidence on aNxiety, depressiOn and pSychosis (GALENOS). The research programme, funded by Wellcome, aims to tackle the challenges of mental health research by creating a continuously updated, comprehensive and trustworthy synthesis of the relevant scientific research including both human and preclinical studies. Continue reading

ACTUAL kicks off - the new SNSF Starting Grant project at ISPM

09.06.2023 – June 2023 sets the start of the ACTUAL project (Advancing research on extreme humid heat and health) funded in the last SNSF Starting Grant 2022 call. Led by the newly appointed Assistant Professor Ana M. Vicedo-Cabrera, it is a 5-year project funded with 1.7 million CHF. Continue reading

Registration is open for the new CAS in Medication Safety starting in October 2023!

29.03.2023 – Recognizing and tackling practical challenges related to medication safety is key to reduce preventable harm to patients; participants of the unique certificate program will be trained by an interprofessional expert board to initiate and lead processes improving medication safety in their institutions. Continue reading

Sexual health and rights under pressure – resistance and challenges

29.03.2023 – Medicus Mundi Switzerland Conference:
19 April 2023 in Bern
In countries around the world, sexual and reproductive rights are under pressure and the right to self-determination especially of women is threatened. In some regions, religious fundamentalists are even mobilizing against sexual and reproductive rights. Moreover, there is a movement in various political milieus to question LGBTQIA+ communities and women's rights, including the right to abortion. This calls into question fundamental human rights that are central to ensuring access to not only sexual and reproductive health services but also often integrated early childhood care and sexually transmitted disease prevention that have come to be vital components in fighting STIs and the AIDS pandemic. Continue reading

Researchers working to address the SDGs convened in Thailand to explore decoloniality in research and education

15.03.2023 – Dr. Harvy Joy Liwanag of ISPM convened a workshop of 20 researchers working to address the various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to explore meaningful pathways for decoloniality in research and education as part of the Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) Conference 2023 in Thailand last February 28 to March 3. Continue reading

Research priorities for mpox virus and transmission through sexual contact published

31.01.2023 – Prof. Nicola Low collaborated with an international team of colleagues to identify unanswered questions about mpox virus and its transmission through sexual contact. Continue reading

The conceptualizations of Healthy Ageing clarified

17.01.2023 – PhD student Marilyne Menassa and researchers from the lifestyle group at ISPM conducted a systematic review and concept analysis of theoretical models and definitions of healthy ageing under the supervision of Prof Oscar H Franco that was published in the Lancet eClinicalMedicine. Continue reading