GetReal Work Package 4 Stakeholder Workshop in London, UK

Matthias Egger

On 15 September 2016, the work package 4 (WP4)  team including Matthias Egger, Georgia Salanti and Eva Didden from the ISPM, presented a Stakeholder Workshop in London, UK.

Participants hailed from Academia, Pharma Industry, Health Technology Assessment Bodies, Regulators, Consulting Firms as well as from other GetReal work packages. Everyone was invited to discuss and provide feedback on real-life applicability and acceptability of the methods that have been developed by the WP4  team. The workshop had a good attendance and much enthusiastic participation through both direct interaction and via online real-time polling.  Breakout sessions allowed delegates and WP4 members to critically scrutinize the suggested approaches with regard to their comprehensibility and practical relevance. The conclusions of this workshop, supplemented by an online survey, will now support the completion of a Best Practice and Recommendations report, including methodological guidelines, and the enrichment of a Methods Navigator website.