Innovative Teaching at ISPM

04.12.2019 – ISPM not only does innovative research, but innovative teaching, too. The ISPM Teaching Office joined the University of Bern's Promoting Innovative Teaching (FIL) project and received funding to develop and implement an adaptive online quiz for medical students in their fifth year.

Nicole Steck and Julia Bohlius developed its content, and the Institute for Medical Teaching supported the ISPM Teaching Office in the technical implementation. The resulting e-learning tool checks knowledge in clinical epidemiology and diagnostics in an interesting way.  

Surmounting some unrelated technical issues, the start of the quiz in the Repetitorium in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the end of November went well. The students liked the quiz and were motivated to answer questions on study types, effect sizes, confidence intervals, and the interpretation of diagnostic testing. In the coming weeks, more students in small groups will test their knowledge in the adaptive online quiz and proceed at their own pace. A tutor will be available not only for individual questions, but also can see online where the students struggle most and discuss common difficulties with the groups.