Meeting of Young Researchers in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia!


On March 12-13th, 2015 the ISPM Bern will host the first international young researchers meeting, with a focus on PCD. The conference, organized by young scientists from Bern, Southampton and Copenhagen, provides a unique opportunity for scientific exchange among doctoral students and junior researchers who work on PCD.

PCD is a rare, genetically heterogeneous disorder that affects about 1 in 10-20,000 individuals, caused by dysfunction of the small hair-like organelles (cilia) that clean our upper and lower airways. PCD causes severe, chronic, destructive airway disease and progressive loss of lung function. Additional health burdens include chronic ENT problems, cardiovascular disease (congenital heart defects), and subfertility.

Until recently, research on PCD was patchy. Over the last few years, PCD research has expanded and a growing group of scientists collaborates on national and international projects, including the EU funded BESTCILIA and a COST action.

There is seldom opportunity to present research results on rare diseases like PCD at scientific conferences, for younger researchers it is even rarer. This conference is the first international PCD meeting to target young researchers who want to present and discuss their work in different fields of PCD, chair sessions, learn how to lead a discussion, exchange opinions, and network with other young researchers who work in the field. There will also be teaching lectures and invited talks by representatives of organizations of PCD patients.

For more information please contact Myrofora Goutaki, President of the organizing committee.