Online course to teach how to use evidence when developing medicines

Six members of ISPM were involved in the development of a new online course covering the use of real-world evidence in medicine development. The six-week course will run from October 2 to November 12, 2017, and will be offered in English by the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

“Real-world evidence in medicine development: an online introductory course” will be particularly relevant for employees of pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities, health technology assessment bodies, patients’ organisations, consultancy companies, and academic institutions. It will facilitate discussion, interaction, and mutual learning across all professionals involved in medicine development.

The interactive online course will be supervised by leading academics involved in the GetReal project, which was part of the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative. ISPM Director Matthias Egger was co-leader of Work package 4.

The aim of the GetReal project was “to identify and develop best practice in evidence synthesis and predictive modelling, to improve estimates of the real world effectiveness of medicines by incorporating the results of RCTs with other sources of clinical data, including observational data.”