Publish or perish and the journal impact factor – is the end in sight?

Unisante 7e Symposium screenshot

12.03.2021 – Matthias Egger gave a talk at the «7ème Symposium annuel de recherche» of unisanté, University of Lausanne. The talk is in French.

Today's researchers face multiple challenges: being competitive, flexible, organised and innovative, obtaining funding, creating collaborations with industry or other partners, managing projects and their academic career.  The pressure to produce and publish is high and has increased in recent decades.

At the symposium, Matthias Egger talked about developments at the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), and at the University of Bern to address this situation. Specifically he presented a pilot study at the SNSF on a new format for the CV of applicants and the revision of the regulations for promotion at the University of Bern. In both cases, the journal impact factor no longer plays any role.

Listen to his presentation here: