SNF postdoc mobility grant awarded to Maria Christina Mallet

Maria Christina Mallet

18.12.2023 – Maria Christina Mallet, a postdoctoral researcher in the Child and Adolescent Health group led by Professor Claudia Kühni, received an SNF postdoc mobility grant for two years.

Maria Christina Mallet will design a clinical prediction tool combining clinical information and rapid molecular diagnostic tests, to identify patients with acute respiratory infections who are at low risks of complications and can be discharged from emergency triage without further medical evaluation. She will explore different data-driven approaches including machine learning methods. This clinical tool will help regulate the flow of patients in the emergency department, improve quality of care, and reduce the financial burden on the healthcare system.  She will use data from a large multicentre clinical cohort of adult patients from four hospitals in Québec, Canada. She will eventually contribute to setting up a similar study adapted for the paediatric population. Christina will collaborate with Prof. Sandra Isabel and Prof. Simon Berthelot at the Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval in Canada.