Prof. Schwappach joins the ISPM to establish as research focus on patient safety, supported by a cooperation between the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) and the ISPM

David Schwappach

23.05.2022 – Unsafe care causes serious harm and burden to patients and health care staff, and is a public health concern even in well-funded health care systems. In his research, Prof. David Schwappach aims to understand the drivers of safer care and how healthcare systems can be designed to improve patient safety and learn from adverse events.

He studies how unsafe conditions manifest at a local or even individual level to learn and understand changes required on a higher organizational or national level. Examples are the design of working environments and conditions, organization of health care delivery, regulation and public policy making, digitalization, and data requirements to monitor health care safety.

David conducts his research in close collaboration with researchers and clinicians from various disciplines.

Prof. Schwappach has been affiliated with the ISPM since 2009 and has since then been responsible for ISPM teaching activities on patient safety.